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Chic to Street: How To Wear Oversized Sweaters This Fall.

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You know THAT feeling? The feeling when nights are starting to draw in and there’s a nip in the air every morning? It’s the feeling that fall is on the way. And you know what? We’re ready for it. We want to put on our oversized sweaters and drink pumpkin-spiced latte from steaming cups as golden leaves fall delicately from the trees. But we also want to know how to wear our oversized sweaters to look chic on the street. That’s where this guide can help.

No-Sweat Fall Looks

Let’s start with some key trends for this fall:



You may not have even heard of the term but neo-punk is going to be huge this fall. Neo-punk is just a throwback to the big 80s punk movement. Who would have thought 40 years later punks would inspire a new trend in women’s sweaters? But don’t let the anarchy of punk scare you. It doesn’t mean getting a mohawk hairstyle and multiple piercings – unless that’s your thing. We’re simply talking plaids or retro punk-band printed sweaters. If you’re having trouble tracking them down at your local mall, you’ll definitely pick one up from an online wholesale sweater outlet.

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Big in the Hood

If you can get your oversized sweater with a hood, you’ll be set for the season. Hoods are going to be a pretty hot look this year. We all love hoods for a number of reasons but outsized hoodie sweaters are more ‘now’. They help you maintain anonymity when you’re nipping out to pick up some snacks from the store. They are great for layering with a big-knit snood for an extra cosy fall feel. And more practically, if you’re walking to class or work in a bitter wind, they’ll help keep your ears from turning blue. 

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Out of your depth

Who could have predicted waders to be a big hit on the catwalk this season? That’s right, those massive boots that your uncle wears for river-fishing are in! Of course, they’re not the actual kind you’d wear in a lake, they’re more like thigh-highs but the key thing is what to pair them with. You’ve got it! Your gorgeous oversized sweater. Grab a cream or knitted oversized sweater, your ‘waders’ and some brilliant bling, and head out for a night in the chicest restaurant in town. Without a doubt, all the paparazzi will want your picture. 

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Tucking Guide

If you’re wearing your oversized sweater solo there’s no need to tuck – you’re good. If you’re pairing your sweater with some shorts or a mini-skirt, you’ll need to tuck it to see the complete look. There are a couple of tucking tips that will make your oversized sweater look super cool.  Believe it or not, the full tuck is a key trend for outsized women’s sweaters this fall. Wear your oversized sweater fully inside a leather-look mini and pull it out blouson-style. This also replicates the cinched waist that’s another on-trend look for this fall season.


The off-centre tuck is still going strong. You’ll know this one already but if you don’t, grab the hem of your sweater and tuck it behind the waistband of some cut-offs to the left or right of the belt buckle. Pull on some chunky knee-length socks and your best Timberland and get ready to head out looking super-cute. And whether you buy your oversized sweater from a top designer or a wholesale sweater store you’ll be bang on trend this fall. 

So there you go, wear whatever is comfortable for you that suits your style. Be it dress slacks, tuxedo pants, or tailored wide-leg pants add structure to an oversized sweater outfit. Front tuck your sweater into a slim-fit boyfriend or straight-leg distressed jeans for a comfortable look with just enough tailoring. Big sweaters also pair perfectly with skinny jeans or faux leather leggings.

Sweaters designed to look oversized have a certain way where the shoulder seams fall or the length of the sleeves, and the silhouette of the sweater makes them look flattering even when they are oversized. So, if you are really looking to wear oversize sweaters then just buy an oversized sweater.

Throw on white sneakers or ankle booties as you head out the door. Boom—one and done

Hope this helps to get your styling upscaled! 

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