Molfix first anniversary 2022

MOLFIX  Turning ONE Marks HAYAT KIMYA Brand's Strength In Malaysia

MOLFIX is available in over 4,500 stores nationwide

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Yours truly had the opportunity to witness the grand event of HAYAT KIMYA's brand, MOLFIX celebrating its first anniversary and marking its stability and strength in Malaysia. The event was held in Midvalley Exhibition Centre in conjunction with the TCE Baby Fair Expo.

Molfix brand was first introduced in Malaysia last year in tandem with Hayat Kimya’s strategic business plans to expand its footprint to Southeast Asia, following its entry into Vietnam and 
Thailand. Since then, the brand has become the preferred choice of millions of Malaysian parents, offering them peace of mind while providing babies comfort and joy at all times.

Molfix first anniversary 2022
Mr. Alp Bilgili, General Manager, Hayat Hygienic Products Malaysia Sdn Bhd. (centre right), Ms. Joanne Wong, Marketing Manager, Hayat Hygienic Products Malaysia Sdn Bhd. (centre left) with Molfix Brand Ambassador couple, Scha Al-Yahya, and Awal Ashaari at Molfix’s 1st Anniversary celebration.   


Hayat Kimya is a global player in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry sector with 17,000 employees. It has 49 Turkish brands that are produced with advanced technologies in 36 production facilities located in 13 countries. It registered a turnover of USD 3.5 billion a year.

As a major player in the FMCG sector, Hayat has a presence in 8 countries around the world through its 21 production facilities. and the world’s 5th largest diaper manufacturerHayat Kimya is committed to continuing to grow its presence in Malaysia through its high-quality diaper brand, Molfix. The brand is now available in over 4,500 stores both physical and virtual.

Molfix first anniversary 2022

Commenting about Molfix’s 1st Anniversary in Malaysia, Mr. Alp Bilgili, General Manager of Hayat Hygienic Products Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. said, 

“The tremendous support and trust from Malaysian parents reflect their preference for products made from natural materials to ensure safety and protect their babies' skin. At Hayat, we believe in the importance of understanding the needs and trends of our consumers, hence we place great emphasis on research and development (R&D) to develop innovative products that are organic and of premium quality.”
“In our quest to become one of the leading brands in Malaysia, we will continue to invest in strategic collaborations, embark on innovative marketing strategies, digital marketing, extend our online presence, introduce innovative products, and expand omnichannel, added Mr. Bilgili. 

Molfix first anniversary 2022

In its effort to create awareness and grow the brand, Molfix engaged with many organizations, and business partners such as hospitals, retail stores, and online affiliates while participating in various consumer-facing activities such as the MITEC Baby Fair 2022, and many more. In addition, strong branding and marketing initiatives were executed. Within the first year, Molfix bagged the BabyTalk MamaPapa Reader’s Choice Award 2022 for the Best Tape and Best Pant Diapers categories. 

The brand that spreads joy to mums and babies across five continents in over 100 countries around the globe, is produced with utmost care and is designed to be extremely gentle on baby's sensitive skin. Molfix Natural range, with its selective ingredients of natural bamboo fiber and organic cotton, can provide the ultimate softness and skin-friendly touch as proven by dermatologists in Europe. 

Molfix first anniversary 2022

The range is able to carry a large amount of baby’s urine. Interestingly, laboratory test data has shown that its dryness can be achieved for up to 14 hours*. Together with Molfix Extra Dry range, both diaper range provides superior absorbency, thanks to the extra dry layer technology which makes absorption much faster and easier. 

Hence, giving babies full protection and keeping their healthy skin comfortably dry. Mums can experience peace of mind knowing their babies are comfortable all day long.

Molfix first anniversary 2022
Ms Joanne Wong, Marketing Manager, Hayat Hygienic Products Malaysia Sdn Bhd (centre) with Molfix Ambassador couple, Awal Ashaari and Scha Al-Yahya officiating Molfix 1st Anniversary celebration.

The brand’s collaboration with the celebrity couple, Scha Al-Yahya and Awal Ashaari as ambassadors have further helped position Molfix among mums who are constantly looking for the best for their little ones while enjoying the journey of motherhood.  

 “We are thrilled to be part of this journey to build the Molfix brand among Malaysian parents and to share the experience, uniqueness, and quality of this wonderful product that never fails to bring joy, comfort, and protection to babies.  

We had the opportunity to experience these and many more when our daughter Lila, who was one year old tried Molfix products.  We trust Molfix, and are happy that we decided to partner with a brand that believes in providing the best for mums and babies.” said Scha Al-Yahya.
Molfix first anniversary 2022
Marking Molfix’s 1st Anniversary, Mr. Alp Bilgili, General Manager, Hayat Hygienic Products Malaysia Sdn Bhd.; (fifth from left) with Molfix Brand Ambassador couple, Scha Al-Yahya and Awal Ashaari (centre), and Mr. Sheikh Farouk Sheikh Mohamed, Managing Director, AEON Big (M) Sdn Bhd., (forth from right).  

An event to commemorate Molfix’s 1st anniversary was held in the presence of Mr. Alp Bilgili, General Manager of Hayat Hygienic Products Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.; Scha Al-Yahya and Awal Ashaari; Mr. Sheikh Farouk Sheikh Mohamed, Managing Director, AEON Big (M) Sdn. Bhd.; Joanne Wong, Marketing Manager, Hayat Hygienic Products Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.; and parents.

Molfix first anniversary 2022
Winners of Molfix Quiz with Scha Al-Yahya and Awal Ashaari, Brand Ambassador couple, as well as Ms. Joanne Wong, Marketing Manager, Hayat Hygienic Products Malaysia Sdn Bhd (first from right)
Molfix first anniversary 2022
Scha Al-Yahya, Awal Ashaari, winners and representatives of Molfix Social Media contest.  

As part of the celebration, 10 Molfix consumers walked away with exclusive Molfix products, specially autographed by both Scha Al-Yahya and Awal Ashaari. The ambassadors shared their experiences with the Molfix brand.     

Molfix first anniversary 2022
Scha Al-Yahya and Awal Ashaari sharing their experience of having their daughter, Lila try the Molfix diapers.

Hayat Kimya’s commitment to its growth in Southeast Asia is further strengthened with the establishment of the new regional manufacturing plant in Vietnam, which acts as the ASEAN hub for Molfix products. The plant will cater to the demands of the region including the Malaysian market. This would enable consumers to enjoy premium quality products that are competitively priced, which are produced in the region, and in tandem with their needs and current trends.  

Molfix first anniversary 2022

Molfix products are currently available at selected supermarkets, and hypermarkets such as AEON Retail, AEON Big, Lotus’s, Giant, Billion Shopping Centres, Econsave, TF Value Mart, HeroMarket, Manjaku, and others as well as leading online platforms.  

Please visit for additional information   

Congratulation again to Hayat Kimya and MOLFIX

Molfix first anniversary 2022
Molfix Brand  Ambassador Couple,  Scha Al-Yahya and Awal Ashaari at the Molfix booth

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