It's been a while since I updated my blog. I apologize. I was too swapped with the kids. With managing  A'isy school schedule, household chores and trying to prevent the epidemic virus people's been panicking on about - Influenza A. 😓

Well FYI , My son  A'isy is now in Kindergarden. He is 4 years old this year. I've decided to sent him to a chinese-english base kindergarden, near my In-law's house. I want my son to learn an extra language as I did. Just an advantage I guess. 

Now, my son A'isy. He is playful, friendly and cheeky. And sometimes his friendliness might portray as too excessively friendly. 😂 So I do want him to mingle around and learn to know boundaries and how to make friends nicely and politely. 😊

Anyway, although he might seem friendly and loud ( in high pitched sometimes 😣). He, himself does  not like it when people sings loudly in front of him. He will cover his ears with both hands and shout for whoever singing to stop. 😁 And he doesn't like to sing out loud too. Not even for any sing-a-long child songs. Not even an ABC song~😒 Which makes me and my husband wonder who/where does he gets that trait from since we both love to sing karaoke and sing rather quite well. 😏 Lol.

That's Him in front covering his ears when others are cheerfully singing a happy birthday song for the birthday girl 😒😔

But this is WHY I'm writing this about. HE CHANGED !! No, not the excessive friendliness yet, but the singing out loud attitude. 😲 It's only been 3 weeks in school and now he likes to sing ?! And he doesn't mind someone else singing together? MIND BLOWN 😱😱💥💢😱😱 

I can hear him humming a song when playing with toys by himself or taking a shower. He even sings along to the kids' songs I played on TV and even asked his sister who is 10 months to sing along. I'm like ' Woahhhhhh!!"  ( Mindblown again and again ) LOL 😆

So KUDOS and applause to the teachers for breaking one of my son's negative traits. 👍👏 I've been so hard trying to make him sing. Haha 😄 So I did a great choice by choosing this kindee. 💪

Mama's waiting for more positive changes to come !! Yay!! Hopefully, A'isy will learn and achieve more knowledge in a fun-loving environment. As long as he is happy. I'm ecstatic for him too. 

That's all for now. Please take good care of yourself and your family. See you all soon. 💗

Hey guys. Leave me a comment on how your kids progressing in school too. I really love to know. 💓


Zazasters a.k.a MamaMonster👻