Tuesday, 31 March 2020

A'isy Zafran's progression in school - 3rd month

Jumping on the trampoline for balance and body movement
 Hey my dear readers,

How are you coping with this RMO month ? I hope everyone are doing their part by staying at home and stay safe.

Like always , every end of the month. I will update on my son A'isy's school progression. πŸ‘¦✌

Rizki, One of A'isy's BFF

Trying to do balancing

This month, I noticed that A'isy is constantly challenging my patience. But I think he probably acting appropriately for the 4 year old age range. And maybe he wants more attention since his baby sister was born. Typical 1st child behavior.

He is more aware of and agree to rules though. As I mention before in my February post. And also easily break them too . Lol πŸ˜„ I need to keep reminding him the rules over and over again. But he is aware of the rules whenever he is in the MOOD 😏 kids huh ? lol ~~

I've read that According to American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), normal behavior in a 4-year-old might include:

  • wanting to please and be like friends
  • showing increased independence
  • being able to distinguish fantasy from reality
  • being demanding at times, cooperative at times
Exactly the behavior and character that A'isy portraying right now. πŸ˜™

He always want to play with his friends, lovable and friendly as he is. Sometimes he is too harsh and made his friends feel uncomfortable. So this trait, I have to slowly explain to him on how to approach people nicely and its okay if people say no or deny to play with him sometimes. 

Well, he took this lesson well. He can accept that not everyone has the mood to play. While he understands others feelings, He also acknowledge about his feeling too. 😘

Since on the half month of march, we were in RMO / MCO . So there's no schooling at this time. I figure out that he is more tentative on getting answers on questionnaire's that he constantly asked. He will ask every single thing he sees or listen too. So at this time of age, parents needs to be very careful with the words / language that we speak in  front of our kids.

He's had tons of energy so I had to keep up with him. Playing interactive games, coloring , singing, dancing, all sorts of things that I can think of. Lol ~~ πŸ˜‰

I hope that the RMO will end soon and the covid19 virus will vanish and everyone will be safe soon. Let us all pray and hope everyone we know will be safe and healthy.

Do your part by staying at home and spend precious time with your family before we start back our usual routine. πŸ’“

Take care all , see you soon  ~~

Well thats all for now ! Thanks a bunch for reading my blog !! I hope you enjoy as much as I do πŸ˜πŸ˜˜

Be nice, Be respectful and Be responsible. 


Love and regards, 

Zazasters a.k.a MamaMonstaπŸ‘»


  1. Bijak sangat nampaknya dia..moga menjadi anak yang soleh dan membanggakan ibubapa ya anak...

  2. bila kt school mcm2 aktiviti dilakukan dgn kwn2 pasti seronok dan dpt kembangkan minda die..time PKP ni bila dh kt umh, mmg kita kena pandai mainkan peranan juga takut die bosan tkde aktiviti kn...dpt coluring, singing, dancing tu pasti hilang bosan die

    1. ye betul. selamat la dia suka main dgn adik dia.. takde la bosan dorang berdua kena PKP ni.. mama pun lega lah sikit.. hihi

  3. Am sure your son is very happy to have a mum who gives time to look into his progress.

  4. Cute Aisy.
    Anak sulong gitulah, bila ada adik. Dia nak perhatian lebih mcm yang dia pernah dapat dulu2. Hehe.

    Anak lelaki ni lasak tu memang tak leh lari. Sikit² tu biasa. Yang penting Aisy friendly

    1. itulah za faham perasaan dia sbb za pun ank sulung .. nak perhatian sikit lepas ada adik2.. Haah A'isy kadang2 friendly sgt pun risau..zaman skng mcm2...

  5. begitulah budak2 sentiasa nak kan perhatian sebab tu kena sentiasa ulang je apa kita dah pesan/arahan. bertabahlah

  6. bestnya tengok anak-anak membesar depan mata kan sis. the moment tumbesaran, zero to hero. enjoy ur day with love one sis :)

  7. Thanks for sharing. Seronoknya dapat tengok perkembangan anak-anak dari kecil sehingga besar. Macam saya ni kena kahwin dululah baru dpt rasa pengalaman ni.

  8. Indeed, the CMO gives an ample time for us to spend with our loved ones. But for me, I could not go back to my hometown. It is really frustrating, I must say but what to do. Health over everything right now. T,T

  9. dari raut muka, aisy nampak aktif & cerdik.
    playful ye?
    wajiblah kan ada aktiviti kat rumah. menggantikan agenda sekolah.
    moga aisy terus membesar dgn sihat ye :)

  10. best nya tengok zafran buat aktiviti dekat school

    sebagai ibu bapa memang perlu kita pantau aktiviti mereka

    join sekali kalau ada masa dengan aktivit sekolah mereka

  11. Wah cepat kan anak anak membesar.. time PKP ni seronok pula cikgu bagi school work anak buat yay ... memang dia busy nak siapkan kerja sekolah je.. tapi cepatlah habis PKP ni sian anak anak lama dalam rumah haha

  12. Iyalah begitula behaviour kanak2 kan. Mesti nak kan perhatian, masa utk perkembangan dan belajar perkara baru. Bg parents boleh ambil peluang ni luang masa dgn keluarga kan.

  13. semakin active dan bijak..time flies kan...momen ni kita simpan untuk kenangan ms hadapan. moga zafran terus membesar sihat.

  14. Nampak Zafran seronok buat aktiviti di sekolahnya. Bagus aktiviti macam ni dibuat untuk kanak kanak sebaya zafran. Mesti dia rindu dengan kawan kawan di sekolah

  15. Comelnya anak Zaza..kalau dapat ni sure kena gomol. Zaman sis dah berakhir layan anak2 kecil ni, now semua dah besar panjang dah..tapi kenangan jga diorg masa kecik ttp dlm ingatan

  16. wah bestnya. alhamdulillah progress yang bagus2 insyaAllah lepas PKP nanti boleh gi sekolah lagi

  17. Wow good progress of sending him to school, keep it up and hope that he likes it there.

  18. Seronok tengok anak anak buat aktiviti dekat sekolah dengan kawan kawan kan.
    Bukan apa, dorang akan lebih menonjolkan bakat dorang, keberanian dorang.
    Ni kita pun blur dah nak bagi aktiviti apa pada anak sendiri.


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