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Activities that you can do with your loves one.

Hey my dear readers,

Since we are all obliged to stay in for the Extended Movement Control Order 3rd phase , do not be square or bored to death. This is just a slight measure for us all to take to break down and eliminate any virus spreading among us. Social distancing is A MUST !! 💪💪

So for that, before you die of boredom at home 😂. How about doing these activities instead with your love ones ? Follow me and discover what we can do at home !!

Read a book 

Today I will share tips for families with kids. These are a lot of fun, exciting things you can do with your kids at home. This is the time for you to spend more time with your kids. Create more sweet memories for them to cherish while growing up. Trust me , they will remember everything 😙💓

Play board games.

These are indoor games for 1-5 year old child that you can play along with. 

The right game can boost your kid's cognitive, physical, and emotional skills, so get your toddler started with one of these games:

Sing along together

Blow bubbles 

Just to name a few. 
  • Simon Says. ...
  • Hot and cold. ...
  • One for you, one for me. ...
  • Scavenger hunt. ...
  • Hide-and-seek. ...
  • Hopscotch 
  • Play “Go Fish.”
  • Read a classic children's book out loud together.
  • Make a fort out of blankets and pillows.
  • Freeze dance. A classic! ...
  • The sleeping song. Here are the short lyrics "Sleeping, sleeping, all the children are sleeping. ...
  • Indoor obstacle course. ...Move the furniture around so your little gymnast can practice his tumbles.
  • Yoga for kids. ...
  • Copy dancing. ...
  • Make up a dance. ...
  • Story go-round.
  • Memory. 
  • Acting Relay. ...
  • Parachute. ...
  • Puppet Show. ...
  • The Scarf.
  • Blow bubbles
  • Bowling pins
Indoor Bowling Pin exercise eye and hand coordination  


➧ Or any games that you can think of. Be it a Video Games, Board Games, Card Games or Interactive games like Charades, Tic tac toe, Musical chair , Chess, Scrabbles,  Rock- paper- scissor, Puzzles, Coloring , Pictionary and more. 

Selective Color ball games 

The Scarf - kids can practice hand and body coordination

So choose a game everyday and play with your kids . The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the moment you spend together as a family. Create that memories together. 💓

Musical chair 

Board games like scrabbles

Gymnast practice

Like me, I played with my son who is so active at home using a laundry basket but make sure to tell you kids to be careful with their fingers on the holes. There's many ways to have fun with just 1 basket !!! 😆

You can have a reading time together too. Choose a storybook and read with your kids. You can do coloring time with art blocks or with coloring books. 

Teach them new languages or memorize words using flash cards. 

I mean there's a lot of things to do and learn together. All you need to do is make time for them. Make them FORGET about any electrical gadgets like hand phone or TV. 

Play interactive video games together with them if needed but do play along side them ok ? Just to monitor screen time. 

I hope you all will have fun doing all these indoor activities tips with your kids. 

Coloring time !

Well thats all for now ! Thanks a bunch for reading my blog !! I hope you enjoy as much as I do 😍😘

Stay safe , Stay at home and have FUN   !!! 💓


Be nice, Be respectful and Be responsible. 


Love and regards, 

Zazasters a.k.a MamaMonster👻

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