Tuesday, 28 April 2020


Hello my dearest readers 💓

How are you all doing ? It's been 42 days we are all in the Restriction Movement Order (RMO) and now its the 5th day of Fasting month for Muslims. I hope everyone is doing well and still comply the RMO by staying safely , stay healthy and stay happy at home. Please do our part to stop the pandemic from spreading more wider and effect more people. 

Well , while we are in RMO. Sometimes we are out of ideas what to cook or even just plain not in the mood to cook right? Craving for some Pasta in this Ramadhan Month? 

I have just the simplest solution for you that ONLY takes 5 minutes of your precious time !!! 

Introducing 3 new pasta flavor in a cup by Tasty.ly !!  You can choose Carbonara or Tomato or even Mac & Cheese How about that !! 3 Great Flavors to choose from and all are my favorite pasta flavor to eat !!!

How about you ? Which flavour do you love the most !? It's so easy !! 
Just add Boiling Water, Ready in 5 Minutes 💗

➤ Halal Certified 
➤ Made With 100% Italian Durum Wheat Semolina 

➤Fast & Convenient 

No added Preservatives
No added Colourings

You’ve Never Had Them Like This Before!

Here's the cooking instruction for you ! In just 3 easy steps !! 👍
  1. Pull the lid halfway. Empty seasoning into cup and pour boiling water up to the inner line. 
  2. Stir well to mix, infuse for 5 minutes. 
  3. Stir well again and enjoy your pasta. 

Voila ! You are done and can eat your pasta happily while watching Netfilix or Youtube with your loves one at home ~~ 👪👩👨👧👦💓 

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Even my son approved of the pasta especially when it comes to cabonara. Thats is his all time favorite dish. 

Tasty.ly introducing a different kind of instant food experience in a cup ! So guy, go and get some to enjoy at home. 

And here's how you can purchase your own CUP PASTA by Tasty.ly !! 

★ Online Purchase


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Well thats all for now ! Thanks a bunch for reading my blog !! I hope you enjoy as much as I do 😍😘

Stay safe , Stay at home and eat CUP PASTA by Tasty.ly  !!! 💓

Be nice, Be respectful and Be responsible. 


Love and rise up , 
Zazasters a.k.a MamaMonsta👻

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  1. Biasa makan megi dalm cup, ni pasta ek, lebih mudah ni kalai time pose, agak malas nak masak atau terlewat, boleh makan pasta ni je sahur...hehehehe nak cari nanti..

  2. instant cup pasta..mudah tu..ank pn suka mkn pasta..bole cuba nanti bli

  3. Wahhhh dah ada pasta dalam cup selalu tengok ada mee segera jer dengan bubur hurmm menarik ni nampak sedap dan menyelerakan hehehe yang ada cheese tu bestnya kalau dapat cuba hehehehehe..

  4. Eh selalu nmapak mee segera dalam cup tak sangka pasta pun ada. Kalau ada kena ada stok di rumah ni mudah nak makan. Kadang jemu makan nasi boleh makan pasta dalam cup ni

  5. Its good that your son likes it but me am not into pasta so much.

  6. Sedapnya lahai tengok pic instant pasta ni.. Nanti nak beli lah.boleh simpan utk sahur kalau tak sempat nak masak.takpun tuk supper..malam2 sblm tidur iena suka makan huhu

  7. Serious ada instant cup pasta? menarik ni memang boleh cuba. so lepas ni tak payah susah2 nak masak pasta lagi kalau teringin kan.

  8. kalau dulu nak masak pasta habis kakak merenyah kat dapo sebab nak dapatkan rasa yang sama macam kat kedai.. hee~ tapi ni dah ada yang instant dan nampak sedap.. senang dah keje kakak..

  9. terliur lak tengok mac and cheese tu. terus teringat yang secret resepi punya. syoknya dpt makan

  10. wow! ni rare ni, zaza.
    biasa jer mee segera je. bubur je.
    ni wah wah carbonara lah. pasta segera!!!

  11. wah Pasta dalam cup, bestnya..... pestime tahu ni. teringin nak cuba. tambah² tengok adik tu suap pasta, alahai terliur pulak jadinya. Nanti nak cari lah, nak rasa instant pasta cup ni.

  12. eh, menarik ni. nak try la, kite memang suka pasta tapi orang dalam umah ni kureng sket. So, kalau nak masak bebanyak macam membazir je. ada produk macam ni mudah la untuk makan sorang.. hehe

  13. Dah rass mmg sedap tp dpt rasa satu jer yg lg 2 dah hbs anak bujang sapu sbb sng nak sediakan n mkn

  14. Wahh baru ke ni. Tak pernah tau pun sebelum ni. Menarik ni dah bosan lama sgt memasak kat rumah boleh try ni jugak. Kita dah la suka mac n cheese.

  15. Menarik ni.tak pernah cuba lagi. Bolehla pergi mencari dan try nanti.


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