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How are you all been doing these few days ? So the Restriction Movement Order ( RMO ) has yet been extended to another 2 weeks right ? How do you feel about that decision made by KKM ? I personally think it is a good decision as we are still not clear of the pandemic covid19 virus 100% yet. I would think its best that we wait it out until its finally safe for the kids. That the only main concern for me. 

But yes, having the RMO extended this long , not only affects us at home but also small business that need to have daily incomes to survive. So here I am, helping out a small business that need our support to stay above water.  DAZZ Bag Collections

Here are some information I can find about them. Let's support our local business !~~ 💪
All About DAZZ

DAZZ bags are designed for modern travellers, working women and On the Go (OTG) ladies without compromising comfort and style. We strive to solve women's daily bag woes with our exclusively designed, On the Go Collection. 

They really have very unique and beautiful bag collections. 

Why do I choose DAZZ and I want to support DAZZ more than any other small local businesses ? Here are one of the reason that I strongly support !! 

DAZZ Gives Back
Since 1982, Women's Aid Organisation (WAO) has provided free shelter, counselling, and crisis support to women and children who survive abuse.
WAO helps women and their children rebuild their lives, after experiencing domestic violence, rape, trafficking, and other atrocities. Learning from women’s experiences, WAO advocates to improve public policies and shift public mindsets.
RM3 from every bill will be donated to WAO
Let's CHANGE LIVES together!
twilly animal theme scarf 

Since I am a mother myself and I am constantly changing bags just to adjust with my children needs whenever we go out. I would bring 2 bags and its a hassle for me. Juggling with 2 kids at once and 2 bags together when I have to go out with them alone without my husband. 
So I fell in love with the Quilted Baby Diaper Backpack by Dazz. It's so stylish yet the multipurpose compartment excites me! With a lot of compartments for me to store my kid's things, there are plenty of places for me to keep my wallet and such in the bag too ~ The best thing is - ITS WATERPROOF !! A blessing in disguise! Heaven feature for mommies like me! 😉💗

So which color would you choose? Black? Pink? Blue? Mine is definitely BLACK!   I love the black color. Practical yet elegant looking, don't you think?
They are having a 'Stay At Home Promotion' this month due to the RMO. Help them by supporting local brands.  

So for the period from 25th March – 30th April, DAZZ decided to offer bundle deals for their products with FREE SHIPPING within Peninsular Malaysia.
They will also donate Rm5 to Mercy Malaysia COVID-19 Funds for every bundle purchased in support of medical services and essentials for marginalized groups.
DAZZ understand that many people are facing even greater challenges and they believe that together, they can get through this by supporting each other.
Come on guys! Let us save one of our small local businesses by purchasing items from their site and supporting them in any way we can. Share this post, and spread the word around okay !! 
You can get a 10% discount on any purchases except ongoing promotions. 
Remember to use my unique code:  zazasters8

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Stay safe , Stay at home , Stay Healthy and Support LOCAL BUSINESSES always  !!! 💓

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