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How are you this week? It's already March of 2021 guys ! Consciously unaware that we are now already in the 3rd month of the year. What have you all been doing for these past 2 months since the 1st MCO enforced for this year on 14 January. 

I guess we are all still in fear, frustration and exhaustion thinking about the covid-19 pandemic wave that has hit us since last year.

Many are losing their jobs, businesses and sources of income to provide for their families. 

And just as one wanted to start a new life again, the case of the infected was raised again and we had to comply with the government's decision for restriction movement order again. 

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But the good thing is about Malaysia is food has never been as plentiful or as readily available as it is today. 

Virtually wherever you are, and virtually no matter what the time of day, you can typically find something to eat within mere moments – usually in the form of convenience foods that have been designed to provide a rush of calories “on the go.”

But just as the Food Services industry includes both higher quality and lower quality offerings, so too are there better and worse ways of developing your own relationship to food, and of thinking about food and its role in your life.

Here are a few reasons to view food as an art form rather than just as fuel.

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Because it will make you more mindful and deliberate about your meals and mealtimes

According to various researchers such as the circadian rhythm researcher Satchin Panda, one of the major problems with modern food trends and behaviours is that huge numbers of people are no longer sitting down to eat at set meal times, and are instead constantly grazing throughout the day.

Among other things, this has very negative repercussions on our circadian rhythms, and it also promotes insidious and unhealthy weight gain.

By viewing food as an art form – in other words, something to cherish and approach in a focused and dedicated way – you are likely to become a lot more mindful and deliberate about your meals and mealtimes, once again.

At the very least, you’ll probably be significantly more likely to actually stick to sit-down meals rather than eating on the go.

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Because it will help to reconnect you to a sense of wonder and appreciation for life

Life is full of wonders and blessings of all different types, but when we end up taking the things around us for granted – and simply looking at the world in terms of purely utilitarian principles – we can end up missing out on a lot of the appreciation we should feel on a regular basis.

Viewing food as an art form can help to reconnect you to that sense of wonder and appreciation for life, on an everyday level.

By actually taking the time to savour your meals and to appreciate them, it’s likely that life, as a whole, will come to feel more blessed.

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Because it will likely result in healthier eating, and a healthier approach to food

It’s probably fair to say that people who view food as an art form and who treat it with a real degree of reverence and respect, are not very likely to completely ignore the concept of healthy eating, and to end up living on junk food.

While not every delicious and artfully made meal is healthy, meals that are made from fresh wholefood ingredients, and that contain a variety of flavours and spices, certainly do tend to be healthier than the highly processed options that are increasingly common.

After eating delicious, home-cooked, and well presented meals for a while, there’s a good chance that you’ll find yourself feeling significantly better in terms of your health and baseline energy levels.


Finally, Live a simple life. Eat in moderation and eat foods that are healthy and good for you. Enjoy your food ! 

Take your time. Value our lives more. Be grateful for what is given.

Practice cleanliness. Take care of yourself and others . Follow the instructions and the S.O.P given to ensure all of us are safe and healthy. 

Do good to everyone and surely our lives will be safe, wholesome and happy always.

Stay healthy and stay safe everyone !!

  Well that's all for now ! Thanks for reading my blog !! I hope you've enjoyed it !

Have a wonderful day and always be happy!! 


Love and rise up , 


 Be nice, Be respectful and Be responsible.

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