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It’s March now and our childrens are finally back to school. But some of us, to be exact specifically ME , still have that anxiety to let my child go back to school. Even Though the infected cases are decreasing, chances are still high and before we all get the vaccine shot for Covid19.

I am still on the edge and restless to think about the ‘what if’. I can't imagine myself looking at my child struggling to breathe and all the symptoms of covid19 shows. No, I just can’t .  😟😞

So as an overprotective mom as I am. I am still requesting my son’s school to conduct the online classes so that he can stay with me at home safely. Yes , I am that kind of a mother.  Haha Just don't get me started. 😉

Hence while staying at home, what are the things that we can do to amp-up our kids imagination and playtime ? Encouraging your children to use their imagination is a great thing to do. Children who are imaginative and creative can have excellent thinking skills when they're older. 

Being able to solve an equation and think logically is good, but people who are also able to think in a more creative way have an advantage. When you're at home with your children, it can be tough to head off boredom. But games and activities that stoke their imagination can get them excited and keep them entertained.

Previously, I did the same entry about this too !! 

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So what sort of activities can you do with your children to get them thinking creatively? Here's some creative play example :

Tabletop Games

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With so many video games available these days, a lot of families forget about the more traditional games. Tabletop games and board games can include a broad range of different things, which require players to use many different skills.

You might play something simple or maybe choose a more involved game. Get some dice from SkullSplitter Dice and try some role-playing games (RPGs). These include games such as Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), which are hugely popular around the world with people of all ages. Playing these sorts of games can be just as fun for you as for your children.

Making Up Stories

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Reading with your children is a good way to inspire their imaginations. But you can also find ways to make up your own stories, whether you write them down or just tell them out loud. If you're not sure where to start, you can try using some wordplay games that prompt everyone to improvise.

For example, you can use the game "fortunately, unfortunately", where one person starts off a sentence with something fortunate that happens - "Fortunately, Sam received a present" - and the next person says something unfortunate - "unfortunately, it was a venomous snake", and so on.

Playing Dress-up

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Dressing up is a lot of fun and a fantastic method for encouraging your children to be creative. You don't have to have a box full of commercial costumes of their favorite characters. Anything can be turned into dress-up clothes, whether it's some of your old clothes or some items you find around the house.

A blanket could become a cape or a dish towel could become a headdress. If you have clothes you don't want anymore, consider adding them to your children's dressing-up supplies before getting rid of them.

Arts and Crafts


Lots of children like to get creative by doing various arts and crafts, although some parents aren't so keen on how messy it can get. There are various arts and crafts activities you can try, some of which are cleaner than others.

You can do some drawing or painting, some cutting and sticking, or even try sewing. You can even combine arts and crafts with other activities like storytelling. Why not make some puppets and a theatre, and tell a story that you make up?

All kinds of activities can get your children to use their imagination without ever leaving your home. Try some creative play to get them thinking in new ways.

And the most important thing is to take care and stay healthy. Be active and stay safe. 

God Bless and Protect Everyone !

  Well that's all for now ! Thanks for reading my blog !! I hope you've enjoyed it !

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