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Working Out: How Much Is Too Much?

Working Out: How Much Is Too Much?

Working Out: How Much Is Too Much?

Exercise Excessively  

What it does to your Physical & Mental Health 

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Exercise is good for our physical and mental health. Health experts recommend working out regularly to keep your body fit. 

Working out improves your mood by releasing endorphins that make you feel happy. It also lowers the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Working out also helps you to lose excess weight and maintain an ideal weight.

Common exercises include walking, running, swimming, dancing, hiking, just to name a few. As long as your body is moving, you’re exercising.

While it is good to work out often, there is a limit to exercising. However, working out too much can harm your body. But, how do you know you’re working out too much? Watch out for these signs.

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How do you know you’re working out too much?

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How do you know you’re pushing yourself too hard in the name of working out? It is hard to tell if you’re over-exercising. If you experience the signs below, you’re there.

  1. Extreme muscle soreness

It’s very normal to experience muscle soreness after an intense workout. However, the soreness should disappear in no more than two days. However, when the soreness is extreme to the point that you can’t even stretch your legs or arms, you’re overtraining. 

Your body needs some time to recover after an intense workout. When you start experiencing muscular pains and soreness, reduce your workout activities or take a day off until your body recovers.

  1. Low energy

Exercise should give you more energy. If your energy lowers after a workout, and you feel fatigued, you’re probably working out too much. Intense activities such as weight lifting and running can take up a lot of your energy leaving your body fatigued. 

If this happens, take some time off to regain the energy. Or change your workout plan to lower the intensity of your exercises. For instance, if you run 10km per day, cut it to 5km. If you spend 2 hours in a gym working out, cut the hours down to an hour and see how your body reacts to the changes.

  1. You don’t sleep well

If you can’t sleep well after a workout, you’re doing it too much. Regular exercises should help you have quality sleep. 

When you work out more than your body can take, a stress response is activated in your body. As a result, the level of hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol goes up. This lowers the quality of your sleep. 

Working out too much can also affect your appetite. 

  1. Poor social relationships

If you reach a point where you can’t maintain a good relationship with people because of your physical activities, you’re probably over-exercising. When you make your workouts compulsive, it could damage your relationship with those around you.

If you find yourself cancelling or turning down plans with those you love just to exercise, you’re overdoing it. 

You need to balance between working out and maintaining good relationships with people. It’s not a must you exercise every day. Imagine turning down a wedding invitation from your best friend so you can go hiking or because you can't hit the gym. The relationship between you and your friend will not be the same after the wedding. 


Also, if your friends or family are worried about your workouts, you’re probably overdoing it. Listen to your friends and family and reduce your exercises.

  1. Increased frequency of injuries

Exercises should strengthen your bones and muscles. If you do it right, and in reasonable quantities, you’ll achieve this goal. If you work out too much, you’re likely to get injuries more frequently.

When you work out for an extended period, or when you do it faster, you’ll be straining your muscles, increasing the risk of getting injured.

Some of the common injuries resulting from too much workout include sprained ankles, muscle pulls and strains, wrist sprain or dislocation, and knee and shoulder injury.


Working out: How to do it right?

Working Out: How Much Is Too Much?

Workouts are good, only if you do it right. Here are some tips to help you exercise correctly.

Do not overexert

Too much workouts can affect the quality of your sleep while exposing you to injuries. Limit your exercise to what your body can handle.

If you’re a beginner, start small and increase the intensity with time. Start with 30 to 60 minutes of workouts. If you start experiencing muscle soreness, take a rest to let your body recover.

If you are building your muscles, start by lifting lighter weights.

Get an instructor

If you can’t control yourself when working out, it’s best to hire a professional instructor to help you out. A personal trainer will show you how to safely work out, without exposing yourself to training accidents

An instructor will give you the motivation to achieve your goals without hurting your body. Also, they’ll help you create a personalised workout plan that is ideal for you.

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Bottom line

Workouts are good for our body and brain. They boost our mood, help us manage our weight, and reduce our risk for chronic and lifestyle diseases.

However, if you experience muscle soreness lasting for more than a couple of days, your energy is low, and you are having trouble sleeping and eating, it’s time to take it slow.

You’re working out too much. Consider engaging a personal instructor to guide you on how you can make your working out routines more effective, efficient and safe. 

Take care and stay safe!

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  1. This is so true sis. A friend of mine once worked out for a straight 3 hours daily. He did lose some weight but he looked so haggard that most people thought he was sick.

    As in Islam, moderation is the key.

    Masalahnya sis, I nie senam sikit je rasa lelah, terus rehat setahun? So what is considered too little exercise? Hahaha

  2. Actually tak bagus if kita work out melampau sangat nnti tak pasal badan kite effect. Memadai jika perlahan lahan tapi buat secara berkala

  3. Akak, ni artikel berkenaan apa eh. Saya klik url ada ke web US. Blog akak kena hacked ke? Backlink memang nak ke mayo clinic dan apa tah lg satu. Hello Polis...

  4. Betul nak senaman pun tak boleh dari had kemampuan badan kita. Biar kejap tapi konsisten. Badan nak pakai lama...hihi

  5. Oh yes! Nell lebih suka workout with someone with experience for personal safety reason juga... Dulu siap ada PT ahh... 5 tahun tak pergi gym terus ... hurm... this is good ya for awareness..

  6. Yes true, working out bukan shaja utk sihat banyak lagi sebab utk kebaikan tubuh badan kita. Work out sekejap pun ok aslkn kita buat.

  7. thanks for the easy to follow guide! i personally work out 3 times a week tp zaman seblm MCO haha, now kt rumah xde motivasi nk workout langsung :( any tips?

  8. working out ni yang penting tak paksa diri kan, baru happy. thanks for sharing. nice article. sangat bermanfaat

  9. Lama betul tak ikut kelas work out.. nasib gak still buat kat rumah, sebab kalau lama sangat kita rest tak buat, body akan susut energynya.. betul tak?

  10. Anyhow, we are the one who knows our body limit. But, kalau naik tangga pun dah penat, takkan itu limit body kan XD

  11. Good post! This is an important information for all of us. Dulu I pun pernah overdo workout. It makes my legs hurt. Bak kata Rebecca Louise, lepas dah workout kena ada pampered day/ hari malas2. Hehehe. Thank you for sharing.

  12. I remember training for ultra marathons. It's easy to overwork yourself when you train for things like that, especially if you don't build it up gradually. I've heard of people getting acute renal failure from overexerting at the gym.

  13. Fuhh yaya memang tak kental nak workout beria. Pernah join buat Tabata pun nak dekat seminggu jalan tak betul haha badan terkejut. Tapi Yaya suka zumba aagitchew


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