Causes by pandemic lockdowns

Did Lockdown Life End Your Relationship?
How To Move On With Your New Life!

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How have you all been doing? I know some of us are still frustrated with the current lockdown. The pandemic is still not gone yet! Positive cases are still increasing day by day.

Have we done enough to curb the spread of covid-19 viruses among ourselves with self-isolation, social distancing and the most important is, getting yourself vaccinated? Please do not be selfish!

Lockdown is hard on everyone. Not being able to out other than for the essentials took its toll on most people, and because of that, many relationships, especially those that were already showing some signs of cracks before the pandemic saw themselves crumble under the pressure.

After all, being stuck in the house with someone 24 hours a day for months on end can be more than a little challenging, even for the strongest of relationships.

Relationship causes by pandemic lockdowns

Bouncing back after a relationship has ended is hard, there is no way to sugarcoat that. A divorce or the end of a relationship, whether peaceful or hostile, can feel almost like a physical blow to your body, hence why it is often called a broken heart.

Emotions can vary wildly, from sadness and anger to rejection and numbness - and everything in between, often all at the same time.

These feelings can have a tremendous influence on your emotional and physical health, leaving you exhausted and depressed, vulnerable and alone. It will decrease your desire to go out and perform the things you normally like.

You may also notice that you are more cautious and anxious when meeting new people, and your self-confidence may suffer as a result, especially given the current circumstances around the pandemic.

Relationship causes by pandemic lockdowns


While moving on from your ex-spouse or partner may appear to be a near-impossible task at the moment, we promise that by implementing some of these easy steps, the sadness and anguish of your estrangement will begin to fade, making you feel better about yourself and look forward to a whole new life of your own making.

Let us take a look at the steps that you can take to move on from the end of your relationship.

Relationship causes by pandemic lockdowns

Lean on your friends for support 

When you are lamenting the end of a relationship which can feel very much like grief for many people  - you may want to curl up in bed and disappear from the world. However, while hibernating might feel good right now, as time goes on it is going to make it much more difficult to get up and start living properly once again.

Say yes to those invitations for a coffee date or a glass of wine, make an appointment at the hairdressers, go on a shopping spree and do all of the things with your friends that you love. It will remind you that there are plenty of people who love you and will support you, whatever has happened between you and your ex-partner.

Relationship causes by pandemic lockdowns

But get rid of the ones that drag you down

At the end of a relationship, it can become obvious as to who has your back and who is draining you of positivity. It can be a great time to get rid of the people who bring nothing positive to your life.

These people may not obviously hamper your attempts to move on and start afresh, brand new life, but will almost certainly slow down the process of moving on. If you suspect that you have anyone like that in your life, now might be the time to get rid of them.

Relationship causes by pandemic lockdowns

Look after your mental and physical wellbeing

Looking after yourself is vital for everyone all of the time, but it is especially crucial when you are dealing with the aftermath of a relationship. Spend a bit more time taking care of yourself and showing yourself some special love, especially if the person you have separated from has not shown you much love.

 The first thing that you should be thinking about is your health. Many of us have missed important appointments due to the pandemic, including dentist checkups, eyesight check-ups and cervical smear tests, so now is the time to book these in and get them done.

If you are thinking about new relationships and partners following the end of one, you might want STI tests, and if anything comes back, find discreet ways of obtaining medication such as genital herpes treatment.

Secondly, you want to look after your mental health. This is often referred to as ‘self-care and can take many forms. Essentially, it is about doing things for you, that you enjoy and that make you feel happy.

Social media makes it all about candles and long hot bubble baths, face masks and pampering sessions. It can be this, of course, but self-care can also be going for a long walk or run, attending a class that you enjoy, reading a book, pottering about in the garden or catching up on your favourite Netflix show. Put yourself first for once and indulge in some self-care: you deserve it,

Relationship causes by pandemic lockdowns

Let all the emotions out

Up to this point, we have focused on remaining positive and upbeat, going out with friends, doing things you enjoy, and taking care of yourself - but let's face it, breaking up with someone hurts, and very few people find it easy to be positive after one, especially given everything we have all been through over the past year with the pandemic.

Expressing your feelings is critical - in fact, it is required if you want to take control of your mental health and overcome your unhappiness. Allow yourself a good cry if you need to. You make way for optimism and happiness by releasing your pain and sadness. So put on some melancholy music, get a box of tissues, and cry if you need to!

Relationship causes by pandemic lockdowns

Maintain a healthy diet

The breakup of a relationship might result in poor eating habits ranging from binge eating to total loss of appetite. Consume at least five servings of fruits and vegetables per day, along with some lean protein and healthy fats.

When your physical health is in good condition, your mental health is far more likely to be as well. If you do feel like reaching for that big bar of chocolate or carton of ice cream though once in a while, allow yourself to.

In fact, studies show that dark chocolate, in moderation, can be beneficial to your emotional health. It contains a form of antioxidant known as a polyphenol, which is known for helping you to feel more calm and relaxed, which is exactly what you need after a relationship has ended and you have just lived through a global pandemic!

Relationship causes by pandemic lockdowns

Think about your social media use

In the dispute over whether or not to follow your ex on social media, there are two camps. Unfollowing an ex is viewed by some as a sign of immaturity and bruised feelings. Others believe there is no reason to keep eyes on someone you are no longer seeing.

No matter where you stand on this issue, it's safe to say that following your ex on social media could have a significant impact on your ability to move on. This is because social media allows you to see aspects of their lives that you would never see otherwise. Seeing your ex happier without you might exacerbate sadness and your natural proclivity to relive the past.

Avoid the temptation to post those passive-aggressive memes you saved over the weekend, stop looking through the swarm of apparently happy couples on Instagram, and consider your split as an opportunity to renew your real-life connections and friendships.

Relationship causes by pandemic lockdowns

Trust your instincts

Unhealthy relationships might cause you to doubt your judgement and lose faith in your decision-making abilities. After you've left a relationship, you're probably wondering, "Should I have finished things?" or "My ex actually wasn't that horrible." That is very natural.

Trust your instincts, and believe that you ended things for a good cause.

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