Origin Mattress Review

Origin Mattress Review: 

6 Reasons Why I Consider it the Best Mattress in Malaysia

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As you all may know, chronic pain can be worsened by not having the right mattress. You can suffer from sleep loss if it causes you to keep waking up during the night. Sleep also allows our bodies to rebuild after a day of using them. Cells are regenerated and muscle tissue is developed while you sleep. 
It's imperative that we find a suitable and proper mattress for us to sleep in with.  

If you're looking for value, then the Origin Hybrid Mattress might be just what you're looking for. It's made from top-quality materials and is exceptionally crafted for longevity. More so, this mattress comes with the finest features, including robust spring and foam systems.

After conducting exhaustive research on the Origin Hybrid Mattress as well as personally testing it out myself, I had to share some things I found.

For those who are lazy for a long read, here are the key points summarised for you:

Key Features

• 6-layer hybrid creation with a great thickness of 10 inches
• Main components: cooling gel memory foam, latex, and pocket springs
• Durable, German design
• A cooling gel layer and cover
• Great quality and best value for your money
• Movement isolation expertise


• The only mattress-in-a-box brand with pocket springs
• International presence; available in many countries
• Free delivery in Malaysia
• 120-night risk-free trial
• 15 years warranty
• Easy to self-assemble with just 1 person


• Slightly longer delivery times
• Not customisable

1. Cooling Effect

We all know how hot and humid our Malaysian climatic conditions are; thus, I feel this is the ideal mattress here. I find the cooling effect from the freshening gel layer a huge plus during hot nights, and the mattress doesn’t trap body heat. It seems no other brand of mattress in Malaysia offers the same cooling effect and Origin is the first to introduce cooling technology.

Origin Mattress Review

2. Quality Material and Assembly

The Origin Hybrid Mattress is made from high-quality materials, designed in Germany and assembled locally in Malaysia. For example, instead of regular memory foam, Origin uses the cooling gel-infused type which is a more premium version of the traditional memory foam.

Compared to other brands such as Joey Mattress, which uses lower quality polyurethane foam, I think that Origin gives better value for your money. The 6-layer hybrid construction also offers the most layers as compared to Sonno’s 3 layers or Joey’s single-layer foam-only mattress.

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Origin Mattress Review
The Origin Hybrid Mattress has 6 layers

3. Comfort and Support

The Origin Hybrid Mattress feels medium-firm, which I find to my liking. The hybrid design, including latex layers and memory foam on the pocket spring base, creates an exceptional comfort balance. The design allows you sufficient spring support to protect you from sinking deeper. This is the best mattress I would recommend for the elderly and for those with chronic back pain.

4. Health Benefits

Body aches can be annoying, particularly in the lower back. Whenever I got back home, I could definitely sleep much better and wake up feeling better thanks to the Origin Hybrid Mattress. I strongly recommend this highly comfortable and supportive mattress to anyone with backache problems.

5. No Movement Transfer

I tested the motion isolation feature and found that the springs and latex allow you to have an undisruptive sleep by preventing you from feeling any movement by your partner. Latex also offers a much more stable sleeping surface, unlike foam-only mattresses. It is perfect for couples as the movement isolation technology allows for uninterrupted sleep when your companion rolls about.

6. Price

It is available in four sizes. Comparing a standard queen-size, while the price for a Joey Mattress is RM2,095 (foam-only), and Sonno Original is RM2,499 (3-layer), the Origin Hybrid Mattress is very attractively priced at just RM1,839 for 6 layers, making it fairly affordable compared to the likes in the market.

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Origin Mattress Review

The Take-Away

Going by its quality and the fact that it has more layers, the Origin Hybrid Mattress offers incredible value for your money. Given my personal experience with Origin, I can say with confidence that this is indeed a great investment for your home. The great quality assurance makes it more appealing. For those of us who have slept on this mattress know how it feels.

Available with a 120-night trial period plus a 15-year warranty, I find that this mattress comes at a great advantage compared to retail ones. And if you aren't satisfied with it, you have no cause to worry about as you can have your money back (even the pickup is free of charge!).

If you’d like to check it out for yourself, you can visit https://originmattress.com.my.

Origin Hybrid Mattress

Engineered for Health and Comfort

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