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Here I am , back again to give you all my review on a Tamil movie I have just watched a few days ago that still gave me the chills ! I was full of hatred , anger and resentment towards the authorities in this movie. I was always bickering on how disrespectful and ill-mannered they've treated the victims. 

Behold, I present to you , VISARANAI , which mean ' Interrogation' in English. 

This crime thriller film was produce on year 2015 and it was base on the novel ' Locked Up' , written by M.Chandrakumar. Directed and written by Vetrimaaran, an Indian film director, screenwriter, and film producer, who works the Tamil film industry. Who's as of 2016, he has won four National Film Awards and one Filmfare Award.

Here are snippets of the Film synopsis for you to get a head start on ~~ 

Main character

Pandi (Dinesh Ravi), Murugan (Aadukalam Murugadoss), Afzal (Silambarasan Rathnasamy), and Kumar (Pradheesh Raj) are Tamil laborers who are working in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh and living in a nearby park and working to make ends meet. 

A Tamil man named Muthuvel (Samuthirakani) is shown to be undertaking some operation in Andhra Pradesh along with a group of men. The lives of the four laborers take a turn for worse when they are caught, beaten and tortured brutally in police lock-up for a theft that they did not commit, due to police's need to close a high-profile robbery case. The four resist the torture and refuse to confess but are forced to relent due to the police brutality.

The part where I cringed so much !!

What happened next ? What will be the verdict of their 'convicted' crimes in court? Will there be any happy ending in this horrendous torture ? What is the fate of the 4 'so called 'thefts ? 

Watch the rest of the movie but make sure you are ready for a whirl-wind twisted plot. 

Rest assured. The hard-hitting screenplay is relentless, making no effort to shield you from the harsh realities of the ruthless world we live in today. You will definitely be at the edge of your seat , clinching your fist and full of anguish . A bit of cursing might slip in ~ 😄

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Directed by : Vetrimaaran
Produced by : Dhanush

Starring : Dinesh, Silambarasan Rathnasamy , Aadukalam Murugadoss, Samuthirakani,  Pradheesh Raj

For more details on the movie - Click here ➽VISARANAI

With the inspector that will help them out.

Recommended 👍👏 i rate it at 7 out of 10

Not suitable for kids under 18 .

For more details on the movie - Click here ➽ Mardaani -WIKI

He really acted awesome as the bad cop. You will hate his guts so much !

This movie won a bunch load of awards and even the actors won rather prestige international awards !! 👏👏👏👏

Well thats all for now ! Thanks a bunch for reading my blog for my review !! I hope you enjoy as much as I do 😍😘

Stay safe , Stay at home and watch MOVIE !!! 💓
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  1. Nak ajak Suami nengok cite ni, dia sukalah kalau cite plot cite macam ni...Sis layankan aje hahahaha

  2. Aww sometime I watch Tamil film too. Time to catch VISARANAI when I have time later during MCO ya

  3. Wah!!!!!! Bagus sis....... semua jenis movie layan. Movie Tamil nie nampak menarik. Thank you for sharing your review.

  4. Belum tengok lagi movie ni. nak kena tengok ni. sepanjang pkp ni memang dok cari citer india n tamil yang best2 je untuk mengisi masa lapang. tp agak susah nak cari yang ada subtitle. huhu

  5. Tadi sis ingatkan pasal post 'visa'. Lepas tu ada perkataan ranai. Oh movie tamil ye. Boleh la tonton nanti.

  6. Mcm boleh usha je movie ni. Jalan cerita macam layan je. Since dh duduk rumah je, ada la masa nk tengok cerita. Hehe terima masih bagi idea!

  7. Wah nice review. Lama tak tgok Hindustan, but I tak tengok movie Tamil hehe

  8. Waduhh seriau pulak nak tengok cerita ni, bukan apa..jadi kesian le pulak. Leh meleleh air mata nanti nengoknya.. tapi nak tengok gak lah, minat gak cite tamil ni

  9. Perghh.... Dari bacaan rasa teruja nak tonton! Kita memang minat citer citer gini. Thanks sharing tau

  10. Filem tamil memang best layan. Plot twist dia adakalanya tak terfikir pun. Dok rasa A master plan...rupanya si C. Kah kah kah...

  11. Cerita tamil selalunya tak menghampakan 😊. Sisyat suka juga layan.hehe

  12. tak pernah lagi tengok movie ni. thansk for review on this

  13. Nanti boleh tgok la cite nie.. Menarik jalan cerita dia. Thanks zaza sudi review cite yg awak da tgok nie..

  14. Wow macam menarik jugak movie. Suka jugak tengok thriller macam ni. Bagusnya movie ni menang award

  15. menarik lah sharing ni! Nak tengok jugak lah, mmg filem2 Tamil ni kadang2 best and out of box. Takdelah typical mcm movie2 yang kita biasa tonton!

  16. Syok gak sekali sekala layan movie tamil ni, kat umah mmg peminat tamil

  17. baca sinopsis nyer, Za, aida dpt rasakan geram!
    tak buat tapi dipaksa mengaku. kena belasah dlm lokap.
    wow wow wow... mcm aida dpt jangka je what happen next tau.
    surely tak membosankan, kan :)


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