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Aladdin Pro Pod and nanoSTIX Pod Review. 
Read This Before You Buy

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Are you thinking of buying your first e-cigarette but don’t know which device to go for? Aladdin Pro Pod or NanoSTIX Pod?

Choosing from different E-cigarette devices can be challenging as they come in many shapes and sizes with various features.

To help you decide, continue reading this article as we will be giving you insights on the similarities and differences of Aladdin Pro Pod and NanoSTIX Pod so you’ll understand better.

Aladdin Pro Pod

Aladdin Pro Kit is an all-in-one Portable e-cig kit that holds a 2.0ml capacity with 550mAh battery. Each pod features three different voltages, which are; 3.5V, 3.6V, 3.7V.

With a built-in chip installed, the output is automatically adjusted depending on the smoke intensity.

You get to worry less about the charging time as the pod comes with a Type-C cable for fast charging.

Furthermore, to prevent any pesky leaks, Aladdin Pro Pod offers a side fill system with a rubber stopper!

Similar to other smoking devices, The Aladdin Pro Pod is small in size with a measurement of 110x22x11.5mm, allowing you to carry and keep it anywhere you want easily.

Wonder what you’ll get with each set of Aladdin Pro kit?

Each set of the Aladdin Pro provides you with; 1 x Vaped Aladdin Pro Device, 2 x Vamped Aladdin Pro Pods, 1 x Type-C Cable, 1 x Warranty Card.

In addition, one of the most attractive things about Aladdin Pro Pod is the impressive line-up of flavours.

The translucent cartridge also comes in handy when you want to see the level of liquid flavour. Users also claim that the magnetic attraction of the pod is just right, not too tight or too loose.

Other specifications of Aladdin pro Pod include:

🠞Max Power: 13W
🠞Output Voltage: 3.7v
🠞Coil Resistance: 1.0Ohm
🠞E-Juice Capacity : 2 ML
🠞Battery Capacity : 700 mAh

In Malaysia, you can get Aladdin pro Pod with the range of RM65 to RM80.

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NanoSTIX was introduced in January 2017 to gear adult smokers towards a healthier and more satisfying alternative than traditional cigarettes.

NanoSTIX is made up of 2 components which are; Device and Pods (Flavour).

The natural salt-based nicotine used in NanoSTIX mimics the rapid nicotine delivery of a cigarette that smokers are used to.

This way, the likelihood of a long-term smoker quitting smoking cigarettes and switch to vaping can be increased.

Available in Black, Blue, Rainbow, Red, Aqua, Purple, Grey & Pink, the NanoSTIX device appeals to all adult age groups and professions due to its convenience.

Nowadays, vaping devices are slowly being accepted in the workplace, making them a common everyday routine among white-collared workers.

NanoSTIX also features a lightweight stainless-steel casing with a sleek and compact design similar to Aladdin Pro Pod, making them highly portable and easy to store.

Conveniently designed, there is no hassle in refilling the tanks as you can simply insert the NanoPOD cartridge into the device and straight away inhale the flavour.

You can find this kind of pod sold in packs of 4 with 1.5ml capacity in each cartridge, equivalent to 30 cigarettes.

In addition, NanoSTIX incorporates NanoNic technology which uses natural nicotine salts instead of traditional freebase nicotine.

From this feature, vapers may find the delivery of NanoSTIX is much more efficient and smooth.

And good news! The harmful chemicals normally found in cigarettes have been removed in NanoSTIX pods, along with the leakage and complex assembly of standard vape kits.

Not only that, another remarkable feature of NanoSTIX pods is they are rechargeable with micro USB.

All you need for the 350mAH battery life to last about a day and a half is just with a quick 45 minutes of charging!

Moving on to the flavours, there are various flavors e-cig smokers can choose, which come in regular and light.

If you’re looking for a harsh throat hit, go for regular, but if you prefer a smooth throat hit, you might want to opt for light.

Some of the other specifications and features of NanoSTIX are as follows:

🠞Dimension: 117.4mm x 15.6 mm x 9.2 mm
🠞Pod Capacity: 1.5ml
🠞Resistance: 20 Ohm
🠞Battery Capacity: 300mAH
🠞Voltage: 0.35-2.25V
🠞Available with side micro USB charging port

With NanoSTIX, you’ll also get a more extensive collection of flavors. Some of them include:

👉Strawberry Apple
👉Grape Ice
👉Coffee Hazelnut
👉Strawberry Vanilla
👉Banana Vanilla
👉Mango Ice
👉Orange Ice
👉Lemonade Ice
👉Apple Ice
👉Tabac Classic
👉Tabac Menthol

So, Which One Should You Buy?

Now that we have looked into the special features and specifications of both Aladdin Pro Pod and NanoSTIX Pod, which one of the two would you choose?

The choice is in your hands!

Aladdin Pro Pod lasts longer than NanoSTIX as it has a larger battery capacity with 550mAh while NanoSTIX possesses 350mAH.

There are not many differences between the shape of Aladdin Pro Pod and NanoSTIX Pod as they are both quite similar although NanoSTIX is slightly longer in size than Aladdin Pro Pod.

Aladdin Pro Pod is cheaper compared to NanoSTIX, and the price for Aladdin Pro Pod ranges between RM65 to RM80, while the starting price for the basic NanoSTIX kit is RM89.

In conclusion, if you want to find other safer and healthier alternatives to smoking, try out e-cigarette devices like Aladdin Pro Pod and NanoSTIX!

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Before you purchase, we recommend you inquire with your preferred e-cigs seller in detail and test the devices beforehand to see if they’re the ones for you!!

To start, you can check out NanoSTIX Distribution, an experienced and trusted online e-cigarette distributor!

Nanostix Distribution not only sells a variety of NanoSTIX devices, but they also offer same-day delivery for their customers.

Don't be shy to ask any questions related to e-cigarette devices, as they are always ready to help you! So don’t wait long to get your first NanoSTIX Pod!

There are 8 NanoSTIX colour options you can get from NanoSTIX Distribution which are;

⦁ NanoSTIX Starter Pack Rainbow
⦁ NanoSTIX Starter Pack Red
⦁ NanoSTIX Starter Pack Purple
⦁ NanoSTIX Starter Pack Aquamarine
⦁ NanoSTIX Starter Pack Blue
⦁ NanoSTIX Starter Pack Pink
⦁ NanoSTIX Starter Pack Gray
⦁ NanoSTIX Starter Pack Black

Enjoy a 1-year warranty when you shop with them and get free shipping within Peninsular Malaysia with a minimum order of RM50.

Apart from the NanoSTIX device, you can also get a variety of flavours from their catalogue, which costs only RM40.00 each.

Flavors available are as follows:

⦁ NanoPOD Mix Pod
⦁ NanoPOD Tabac Classic
⦁ NanoPOD Tabac Menthol
⦁ NanoPOD Jackfruit Freezi
⦁ NanoPOD Lychee Freezi
⦁ NanoPOD Guava Freezi
⦁ NanoPOD Coffee
⦁ NanoPOD Coffee Hazelnut
⦁ NanoPOD Grapple
⦁ NanoPOD Honeydew
⦁ NanoPOD Strawberry Apple
⦁ NanoPOD Strawberry Vanilla
⦁ NanoPOD Banana Vanilla
⦁ NanoPOD Bubblegum
⦁ NanoPOD Apple Ice
⦁ NanoPOD Grape Ice
⦁ NanoPOD Orange Ice
⦁ NanoPOD Lemonade Ice

Interested in NanoSTIX Distribution products? Head to their website for more info!

*** Disclaimer : I am not condoning or even agreeing that any of you should start vaping or any tobacco products, but there are always options for you. 

For my personal opinion, It’s either you stop and quit tobacco or find a better alternative that doesn't involve others' health in your array of recreational pastimes.

Whatever it is that you might choose. Please make good choices. Do take good care of your own health. 💓

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